The Pocket Renovator

The Pocket Renovator
By Leslie Banker, Pamela Banker
Illustrations by George Marshall Peters
Universe, 2007

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Praise for The Pocket Renovator

“For anyone planning to re-do an apartment in the city or a house in the country, Leslie and Pamela Banker have once again written a guide to acquaint you with everything you need to know, from the foundation to the roof—their expert advice coupled with the charming sketches will help you create the house of your dreams while saving you untold extra expenditures. You’ll be so grateful that you consulted this book first.”
Mario Buatta

“Before a hammer and nails, the first tool I recommend for the ‘weekend renovation warrior’ is The Pocket Renovator. This indispensable guide is a resource that provides the fundamental knowledge needed to navigate the often tricky waters of home improvement.”
Thom Filicia

“The Pocket Renovator is a great resource for anyone interested in the field of interior design. Pamela and Leslie have thoughtfully created a great directory to navigate through all of the decisions necessary to know as a designer. It is beautifully organized and a must-have in anyone’s design library.”
Victoria Hagan

“No one should even consider embarking on a renovation without first picking up this amazing little book. Both comprehensive and colloquial, it is the glossary of terms you’ll come back to again and again when trying to navigate the ins and outs of a construction project. I’m just thankful I got my hands on a copy before I completed the work on my own place. A million thanks to Leslie and Pamela Banker for demystifying the convoluted world of the builder.”
Brooke Williams

…[A] portable primer…that is neither pretentious nor boring…” — Washington Post, September 20, 2007

“This is a handy directory, profusely illustrated…You’ll feel a lot less foolish navigating the aisles of the home center once you speak the language.” — St. Petersburg Times, September 8, 2007

“[an] indispensable glossary…a Rosetta Stone of sorts to cryptic contractor lingo.” — ELLE DÉCOR October 2007

“Planning a Renovation? Read This First. If you want to remodel but feel flummoxed by the thingamajig you’d like to add to the whatchamacallit, The Pocket Renovator will give you a leg up on the details. This guide to the lingo of home improvement offers jargon-free explanations of everything from roof styles to plumbing systems to terms used in staircase design. While some of the items featured are so basic they’re almost laughable (I think we all know what a toilet paper holder is), don’t skip the excellent chapters on building construction and cabinetwork, which will have you talking like a contractor in no time flat. Like home improvement itself, the book is a bit addictive—you’ll be tempted to preach its handy lessons to your delighted (or bored) spouse. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
This Old House, April 2008